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Launch Literacy provides all the content to teach early literacy skills.

Available in the full range of font types  used across Australian and New Zealand schools.

This easy to use program is available in digital or printed formats.

Simply ‘click’ on the images below to look inside the books.

66 Decodable Rhyming Readers

Based on sequenced synthetic phonics

Read this article to learn more about how these fun Decodable Rhyming Readers are essential literacy tools.


Purchase as e-Readers (read on a tablet,smart phone or PC/MAC) or as printed sets for the bookshelf.

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Use these clearly designed Decodable Rhyming Readers with Launch Literacy Activity Books to teach handwriting and early spelling.

Drawing, Tracing and Writing Activity Books

Teach laterality, sound-letter link, letter formation, spelling & early sentence writing

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It’s easy to simultaneously teach early reading, writing and spelling to Year One Level following the Launch Literacy Instruction Book.

Includes Step by Step guidance to build a clinical literacy program or classroom lesson plan.

Included when you purchase the whole program or activity book sets.

Boxed and Lined Workbooks

Choose the size of lines or boxes to suit the young learner as they practice their sentence writing

14 sizes available as pdf’s for easy and repeated printing

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